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François Gabart annonce à ses équipes la bonne nouvelle

How the Kresk Group committed to support François Gabart

On May 27 the French Kresk cosmetics group, owned by Didier Tabary, announced their four-year commitment to support François Gabart and the purchase from Macif of the Ultim M101, which will carry the colours of the SVR, Lazartigue and Fillmed brands. Tip & Shaft tells us how this alliance came to pass in a very short time.

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Le trimaran Macif est en vente 5 millions d'euros

How Macif ended François Gabart’s Ultim programme

The announcement came as a bombshell last week, a bolt from the blue because it was so unexpected. French insurance giants Macif ended their Ultim programme when the new trimaran which they own is due to sail in a year’s time. So, why this decision? Why this timing? And what are the consequences for François Gabart and for his company MerConcept? Tip & Shaft investigate.

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Skipper du trimaran Macif, François Gabart réfléchit à l'avenir de la course au large

François Gabart: “Offshore racing plays a true role in our society”

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the whole planet, it has meant a great deal of uncertainty for sport in general and sailboat races are no exception. To try to get to grips with this new situation, Tip & Shaft is carrying out a series of five interviews about the future of sail racing. Second to respond is François Gabart, skipper of the trimaran Macif but also the founder and boss of MerConcept.

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Nouvel Ultim trimaran François Gabart

Gabart: “Saving 5 to 10 days on a round-the-world passage is definitely possible”

SVR Lazartigue, François Gabart’s new Ultim, was launched last Thursday in Concarneau in blazing sunshine in front of a large crowd. Born as M101 the new giant was known for a long time only by this code name after the withdrawal of its initial sponsor. The VPLP design is the result of 150,000 hours of work and is characterised by its strong design choices. It is, in essence, a radical but very carefully conceived concept, just like its skipper who was very involved in every stage of the design. Here is our take on this newest generation Ultim.

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Les Ultims au départ de la Transat Jacques Vabre

Ultim: The calendar 2022-2023 is in place

Last Tuesday at the Paris Boat Show, the Nautic, OC Sport Pen Duick confirmed that Brest will host the start and finish of the Single-handed Ultim Round the World Race in 2023. It is a race which a lot more details will become known over the coming months, as also will the program for the seasons 2022 and 2023 the full details of which are not fully formalized.

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Yannick Bestaven sur le Vendée Globe

What we learned from the Vendée Globe

Last Thursday, Yannick Bestaven won the Vendée Globe, crossing the finish in third place after Charlie Dalin and Louis Burton, but benefiting from a redress of 10 hours and 15 minutes for taking part in the operation to rescue Kevin Escoffier. With the first nine boats in, Tip & Shaft can draw the first conclusions from this ninth edition with comments from some skippers.

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