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The Ocean Race is a crewed round-the-world stage race of great difficulty. Find the news and investigations of Tip & Shaft on the subject.

The Ocean Race troisième étape

The Ocean Race: The early part of stage 3 debriefed

After leaving Cape Town on February 26 bound for Itajai, the third leg of The Ocean Race is the longest in the history of the race (12,750 miles). The current leader is Holcim PRB. As they approach the Tasmanian gate, Tip & Shaft plays back the first bit of the leg with Christian Dumard, weather specialist for the race, Yann Eliès, who raced the second leg on Malizia-Seaxplorer and Hubert Lemonnier the sports and operations manager for Imoca. 

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Départ de The Ocean Race à Alicante

Johan Salén: “We knew it would be complicated, but we never had doubts”

On Sunday five Imocas set off for the 14th edition of The Ocean Race (formerly the Whitbread and Volvo Ocean Race), with the first of seven stages racing between Alicante and Cape Verde. At the same time, six VO65s started The Ocean Race VO65 Sprint Cup, a short format race comprising three stages. It is a good opportunity for Tip & Shaft to catch up with Johan Salén, co-owner of the race around the world.  

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L'Imoca Holcim-PRB participe à The Ocean Race

How the Imoca teams are dealing with logistics for The Ocean Race

The start of The Ocean Race which will be sailed in Imocas for the first time (*) is set to be on January 15 from Alicante for a first leg heading to Cape Verde. As well as the actual sporting challenge there is a big logistical challenge for the teams involved, particularly as four of them were on the Route du Rhum during November. Here Tip & Shaft assess the human, technical and financial resources required to deal with these challenges.

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The Ocean Race Europe

Will the new course of The Ocean Race attract more teams?

On November 4th the organizers of The Ocean Race announced that the start of the next edition would be postponed by around two months and that the new course would be altered to remove planned stops in China and New Zealand. What is the purpose of these changes? Will they attract more Imoca teams? Tip & Shaft investigates.

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11th hour racing team en IMOCA

Simon Fisher: “The Ocean Race Europe is a great learning experience”

When five times round the world navigator Simon ‘SiFi’ Fisher starts The Ocean Race Europe with the 11th Hour Racing Team it will mark the real start of the journey towards The Ocean Race 2022-2023. Winner of The Volvo Ocean Race in 2014-15 with Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, his sixth race will be encompass a whole new challenge as the race adopts the IMOCA. Tip & Shaft caught up with SiFi in Lorient just before the race starts….

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Pour Stewart Hosford, il faut que le Vendée Globe 2020 ait lieu à la date prévue

Stewart Hosford: “Offshore sailing can show itself to be a leader and a differentiator”

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the whole planet, it has meant a great deal of uncertainty for sport in general and sailboat races are no exception. To try to get to grips with this new situation, Tip & Shaft is carrying out a series of five interviews about the future of sail racing. Our fourth guest, Stewart Hosford, CEO of Alex Thomson Racing from 2010 to 2019, is now CEO of Sir Keith Mills’ pan global sports investment group Origin Sports.

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