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Find all the Tip & Shaft information about the Vendée Globe here. Latest news, information on the IMOCA skippers, teams, yards and decision-makers of the Vendée Globe, Tip & Shaft is carrying out the survey in the field.

Clarisse Crémer et Tanguy Le Turquais

Clarisse Crémer/Tanguy Le Turquais: “It was a tsunami”

The international jury set up to rule on Clarisse Crémer ‘s suspected routing by her companion Tanguy Le Turquais in the last Vendée Globe delivered its verdict on Monday: it is “entirely convinced that there was no misconduct from either Clarisse Crémer or Tanguy Le Turquais.” Relieved by this decision, the two sailors agreed to talk to Tip & Shaft about the story .

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Vendée Globe: update on qualification and selection

The last race of the Imoca season, Retour à La Base has marked another step towards the qualification and selection of the candidates for the Vendée Globe. Where do the skippers stand in this process and in the race for miles? Tip & Shaft takes stock.

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How Holcim PRB chose Nicolas Lunven and Rosalin Kuiper

On Thursday the Holcim group announced that they have chosen Nicolas Lunven to replace Kevin Escoffier at the helm of the Imoca Holcim-PRB for the 2024 Vendée Globe. The Dutch sailor Rosalin Kuiper will then succeed him for The Ocean Race Europe 2025. Tip & Shaft explains how this decision was made.

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Figaro Alexis Loison

Who’s going to win the Solitaire du Figaro Paprec ?

On Sunday, 32 sailors, including 10 newcomers, 6 sailors from outside of France and 5 women, will be lining up at the start of the 54th edition of the Solitaire du Figaro Paprec in Caen. As before each major race, to judge the quality of those taking part, Tip & Shaft questioned a group of experts, including the two most recent winners, Tom Laperche (2022) and Pierre Quiroga (2021), the Spaniard, Pep Costa, who competed in the last two races and remains very close to the circuit, Jeanne Grégoire, head of the Finistère ocean racing training centre in Port-la-Forêt, Julien Pulvé, former coach at the La Rochelle training centre and Yann Chateau, the Race Director of the Solitaire.

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Vendée Globe

Vendée Globe : update on qualification and the miles race

With The Ocean Race done and dusted and the Fastnet which has started (on Saturday July 22) in the Solent, the ‘race for miles’ for Vendée Globe 2024 selection is at full chat and as it stands the number of candidates still outstrip the 40 places available. For some skippers, the qualification stakes are also crucial. Tip & Shaft takes stock of a slightly complicated, dynamic situation.

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Clarisse Crémer

Clarisse Crémer, bouncing back hard and fast!

A little over two months after announcing Banque Populaire’s decision to part company with her, Clarisse Crémer is once again focused on the Vendée Globe 2024, with a boat, the ex-Apivia, a team, Alex Thomson Racing, and a partner, L’Occitane en Provence. Tip & Shaft tells you the story of this express return from the brink.

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Imoca Thomas Ruyant

How the ‘For People’ project with two boats was set up

Designed by Antoine Koch and the Finot-Conq studio, Thomas Ruyant’s Imoca For People was launched last Thursday in Lorient. It carries the colors of both Advens and Leyton, who are combined in a twinned project which links Ruyant the winner of the Route du Rhum 2022 with the Briton Sam Goodchild. Tip & Shaft tells you more. 

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Antoine Koch Paprec Arkéa pour Tip & Shaft

Antoine Koch decodes the new Imoca Paprec Arkéa

Paprec Arkéa will be launched on February 22 in Lorient. It was designed by Antoine Koch and the Finot-Conq studio as was the new Imoca for Thomas Ruyant, launched in March. And so this is a timely opportunity for Tip & Shaft to discuss with the engineer/architect Koch.

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