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The 52 Super Series is a high performance monohull racing circuit. Find the latest news and Tip & Shaft surveys on the subject.

The crew of Provezza in the 52 Super Series in Cape Town

Chris Hosking: “Grand prix sailing still seems to be quite strong”

To try to get to grips with the new situation, Tip & Shaft is carrying out a series of five interviews about the future of sail racing. Here we speak to Chris Hosking in order to better understand what the past few months have been like for a grand prix pro sailor and what he sees as the future. Newport RI based Aussie Hosking sails as mainsheet trimmer on Provezza on the 52 SUPER SERIES, also on the J Class circuit and the 44Cup circuit. 

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Mark Turner pense que la voile doit prendre un virage sociétal

Mark Turner: “The most important question is what is the meaning to what we do”

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the whole planet, it has meant a great deal of uncertainty for sport in general and sailboat races are no exception. What will the impact be on our sport? What changes will there be to the economic model? How do races need to change? How will sponsors behave? To try to get to grips with this new situation, Tip & Shaft is carrying out a series of five interviews about the future of sail racing. Our first interviewee, Mark Turner, cofounder with Ellen MacArthur, of Offshore Challenges, which became OC Sport, was head of the Volvo Ocean Race between 2016 and 2017, and now works as a consultant.

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Jason Carrington: “I’m a big fan of Imoca boats”

World renowned boat builder Jason Carrington has had something of a dream order book since setting up Carrington Boats in November 2017 with the Carkeek designed Fast40 Rán. The new Imoca Hugo Boss for Alex Thomson Racing, INEOS’ UK’s Britannia as well as their nearing completion AC75 boat 2 are complemented by a part completed Ocean Race Imoca 60 which is currently on hold but which may become available. Tip & Shaft spoke with Jason.

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Phoenix, the South African TP52 taking part to the 52 Super Series

Abby Ehler: “Diversity is a benefit, it’s not a hindrance”

Britain’s Abby Ehler has three Volvo Ocean Races round the world under her belt. Since last year she has moved from mainly offshore roles to sail on the 52 SUPER SERIES as the only full time female pro sailor in the grand prix inshore fleet, racing as mid bow on the Plattners’ Phoenix team. Late last year she completed the first Transatlantic of a modern IMOCA in fully crewed ‘Ocean Race’ mode. Tip & Shaft caught up with Abby in Cape Town…..

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Santiago Lange: “Olympics is in my blood and in my heart”

Argentine ace Santiago Lange is lining up for his seventh Olympic Games. His was the most remarkable story of the 2016 Rio games, coming back from having a cancer operation at nine months before the Olympics to win an emotional popular gold medal in the Nacra 17 with Cecilia Carranza Saroli. Tip & Shaft caught up with Santi in a breezy Cascais……

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Nacho Postigo: “52 SUPER SERIES is still the pinnacle of monohull circuit”

On the eve of the 2019 52 SUPER SERIES Tip & Shaft caught up with Nacho Postigo (ESP), navigator on Provezza and one of the original founders of the class in the Med back in 2004-5. He won the inaugural Med Cup on Pisco Sour and was one of the originators and managers of the Med Cup. Formerly a Cup navigator with Mascalzone Latino, Postigo is also a successful Superyacht racing navigator, currently also races in the ClubSwan 50 fleet as well as recently doing a couple of Mini650 seasons. 

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