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Multiplat Chantier naval

Yann Penfornis: “Now, the third chapter in the history of Multiplast”

Managed for 28 years by Gilles Ollier then for 13 by Dominique Dubois, legendary French boatbuilders and multi discipline composites specialists Multiplast has just recently changed hands. On Tuesday the takeover of the Carboman group to which the Vannes shipyard belongs was completed by HBH group which is headed by Damien Harlé and Jean-Denis Bargibant. Yann Penfornis, who remains managing director, explains the implications of this takeover.

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La Rochelle course au large

How La Rochelle wants to become a major offshore racing hub again

François Gabart opened up on the dispute between his team and the Ultim 32/23 class – in effect made up of Sodebo, Banque Populaire, Actual, and more recently Gitana Team – regarding the rules compliance of the trimaran SVR Lazartigue. Since then the parties have stuck to their guns. Tip & Shaft runs back over the chain of events which now finds a deadlock situation.

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Le pôle Finistèrecourse au large de Port-la-Forêt

How the Finistère Course au large Pole has turned a new page

The retirement last summer of long time supremo Christian Le Pape marked something of a turning point in the history of the Pôle Finistère at Port-la-Forêt, the famous race training centre that he founded in the early 1990s. For Jeanne Grégoire, the new director, and Erwan Tabarly, coach, they are really now having to step up the offering in the face of constantly increasing and improving race centres which are in competition with Pôle Finistère.

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Le Figaro 3 fait partie des candidats comme bateau de l'épreuve de course au large des JO de Paris 2024

2024 olympics: The yards positioning themselves for the offshore boat

There was another step forward in Februray in World Sailing’s selection process for the equipment to be used in the new mixed double offshore event in the Paris Olympics in 2024. The international federation published a list of the twelve boats presented by builders, who will be able to compete for the bid to tender when it is launced. For the yards, it is time to move their pawns forward as they look ahead. Tip & Shaft looks at what is going on.

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Vicky Low: “Gender discrimination is not just on the water”

The World Sailing Trust released its Strategic Review into Women in Sailing on December 5th. The report was initiated to explore the gender balance, or indeed imbalances, which exist across the whole sport of sailing. It was authored by Vicky Low, who presented the report at World Sailing’s Annual Conference in Bermuda and then at the Yacht Racing Forum in Bilbao. Tip & Shaft spoke with her…..

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