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The Mini 6.50 are 6.50 metre long ocean racing monohulls. They are intended to race the Mini Transat and other numerous races. Find the latest news and investigations from Tip & Shaft on the subject.

Proto mini transat

Lessons from the Boulangère Mini Transat

Marked by speed records, a low number of retirements and an international podium, the 24th edition of the La Boulangère Mini Transat was won in the proto class by Federico Waksman and in the series by Luca Rosetti. Tip & Shaft reviews the race with organiser Emmanuel Versace, weather consultant Christian Dumard, coaches Damien Cloarec (Roscoff) and François Jambou (Concarneau) and architect David Raison.

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Who will win la Boulangère Mini Transat?

On Monday (the start has been postponed), 90 solo sailors should set off from Les Sables d’Olonne heading towards Santa Cruz de La Palma in the Canaries, and the end of the first stage of La Boulangère Mini Transat. The second stage will take them to Saint-François in Guadeloupe. And, here, as before each major race, Tip & Shaft analyses the field with a panel of experts

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The Mini Class between success and saturation

As at the start of each and every year Tip & Shaft goes around the different offshore racing classes to look ahead to the coming season. After the Ultims last week now it is time for the Mini 6.50s, a class that is still stronger than ever at nine months before the start of the Mini Transat, which has new organisers.

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Hugo Dhallenne sur la Mini Transat 2021

Conclusions from the Mini Transat

Each Mini Transat is unique, but this 2021 edition will long be remembered for a whole gamut of reasons. It also was a great race won conclusively by Pierre Le Roy in the prototype division and Hugo Dhallenne in the series. Tip & Shaft takes stock of the sport and the technical stuff on this 23rd Mini.

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L'arrivée d'Hugo Dhallenne aux Canaries

Mini Transat: What happened on the first stage

The first stage of the Mini Transat, won in the series division by German teenager Melwin Fink (19) with a big lead over his pursuers, has produced confusion, as he was one of the very few who did not to stop during a big storm. Now 19 requests for redress have been filed with the jury. Tip & Shaft reconstructed the facts by interviewing the main players.

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Parade de la mini transat 2021

Who will win the EuroChef Mini Transat?

90 skippers – 25 racing in the proto division and 65 in the series – set off on Monday from Les Sables d’Olonne for the Mini Transat EuroChef. As before every big race, Tip & Shaft has garnered the opinions of a posse of experts to play the game of predictions.

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Le départ de la Transat en double à Concarneau

How the demand for offshore race training has exploded

In the context of a real boom for most ocean racing fleets in France and even seemingly despite the health crisis, the demand for high level offshore race training is growing sharply, to the point that many centres are approaching full capacity. Tip & Shaft looks at the structures of France.

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Mini Transat 2021

Denis Hugues: “The Mini Transat remains as attractive as ever”

The new organizers of the Mini Transat announced that the 2021 edition, which will start on September 26 in Les Sables d’Olonne and heads to Saint-François, Guadeloupe, via Santa Cruz de La Palma, is already full with 126 pre-enrolled for 84 places. Tip & Shaft took the opportunity to discuss this with Race Director Denis Hugues.

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Les Figaro Bénéteau 3 n'ont toujours pas navigué en course en 2020

How the different classes are trying to adapt their program, part 2

After almost a month of lockdown, the different ocean racing divisions are spending a lot of time working with race organizers on the possible reprogramming of their 2020 or even their 2021 calendar, while at the same time trying to reassure their members, affected to varying degrees by this new turbulent economic crisis. Tip & Shaft goes round the houses, speaking to different key classes.

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After for years on the Figaro circuit, Swiss Justine Mettraux wants to sail on other supports

Justine Mettraux: “I really want to do The Ocean Race again”

After four seasons in the Figaro circuit, Justine Mettraux will only be competing in 2020 in the Transat AG2R La Mondiale, in order to hand over her Figaro 3 TeamWork to her fellow Swiss sailor, Nils Palmieri. Mettraux, now 33 years old, was discovered in France in the Mini 6.50 (2nd in the 2013 Mini-Transat). She tells us why she is moving on, talks about her projects, in particular The Ocean Race, and looks back at the start of her career on Lake Geneva.

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