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The Multi50 class is a class of fast, high-performance 15-metre multihulls for competitive racing. Find the latest news and investigations from Tip & Shaft on the subject.

Ocean Fifty Route du Rhum

Renewal phase in the Ocean Fifty class

After the Ultims, the Mini 6.50, the Figaro and the Class40, Tip & Shaft is continuing its pre-season review of the key classes of 2023 now looking at the Ocean Fifty. And we find a class which, as is often the case in a post-Rum year is active with newcomers and a few leavers. 

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Flotte Imoca

Imoca/Ocean Fifty: who will win the Route du Rhum?

As before every major event, Tip & Shaft has invited a panel of experts to analyse the line-up for the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe which starts on 6th November. In this first part dedicated to the Imoca and Ocean Fifty competitors, we talked to Antoine Mermod, the president of the Imoca class, Jeanne Grégoire, head of the Pôle Finistère Ocean Racing training centre, Daniel Souben, trainer in La Trinité-sur-mer for Orlabay, the sailors, Yann Eliès, Christopher Pratt and Vincent Riou, as well as Jacques Guyader, journalist with Ouest-France.

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Yvan Bourgnon en ETF26 à Carnac

Yvan Bourgnon: “My objectif remains the East to West multihull round the world record”

At the age of 50 Yvan Bourgnon now divides his time between the Seacleaners organisation which he founded five years ago, a part time profession as a lecturer and sailing: he races in the Ocean Fifty class with Gilles Lamiré, on the Nacra 20 with his son Mathis and on the ETF26 Series leading the Zizi to Fly crew. As he prepares to compete in the Raid Quiberon, Tip & Shaft caught up with him.

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L'Imoca de Sébastien Simon au départ du Vendée Globe

What you need to know about the new IMOCA rule

The new Imoca rule which will be applicable from 2022 to 2025, was voted on at the class association’s general assembly on April 15. To understand the main developments, Tip & Shaft tells more about this rule with some IMOCA experts.

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Le trimaran Ocean Fifty Leyton de Sam Goodchild

Caroline Villecroze: “Leyton is a sponsor of a new kind”

Following on from Class40 and the Figaro with Arthur Le Vaillant and Briton Sam Goodchild, Leyton have been on the Ocean Fifty circuit (ex Multi50) since last year. This is a partnership which links the funding specialists and consultants to Goodchild until the 2022 Route du Rhum 2022. Tip & Shaft took the the opportunity to talk with their marketing director, Caroline Villecroze.

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Programme Multi50 2021

The Multi50 class is ambitious for 2021

The Multi50 class will offer a line-up of six or seven trimarans this season. The official programme will be unveiled on 16th March with a new look to the race format, new partners and some new locations. Tip & Shaft looks at what is going on.

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Macif et les autres Ultimes navigueront-ils en 2020 ?

How the different classes are trying to adapt their program, part 1

After almost a month of lockdown, the different ocean racing divisions are spending a lot of time working with race organizers on the possible reprogramming of their 2020 or even their 2021 calendar, while at the same time trying to reassure their members, affected to varying degrees by this new turbulent economic crisis. After Tip & Shaft spoke to IMOCA’s Antoine Mermod last week, this week we go round the houses, speaking to other key classes.

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The Transat CIC pourrait être reprogrammée sur un format différent cet été ou en 2021

Hervé Favre: “For The Transat CIC, we’re looking at the possibility of an event in the summer”

Over the past fortnight, the Covid-19 pandemic has led many race organisers to modify their plans. Among them, OC Sport Pen Duick which postponed  (currently the situation) the Transat AG2R La Mondiale and is looking at various options for The Transat CIC, but remains confident about the Solitaire du Figaro. Tip & Shaft talked to the Managing Director, Hervé Favre.

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The Transat Jacques Vabre (so far) picked apart by the routers

The Transat Jacques Vabre started on Sunday from Le Havre. After five days of racing by Friday, the leaders were Primonial (Sébastien Rogues/Matthieu Souben) in the Multi50s, Charal (Jérémie Beyou/Christopher Pratt) in the Imocas and Aïna Enfance & Avenir (Aymeric Chappellier/Pierre Leboucher) in Class40. Tip & Shaft looks at the weather strategies chosen by the sailors with three routers, Christian Dumard, Jean-Yves Bernot and Dominic Vittet.

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Class40/Multi50: Who will win the Transat Jacques Vabre?

As before each and every major race, Tip & Shaft gathers a panel of experts to discuss who represents the best prospects to win the Transat Jacques Vabre which starts next Sunday from Le Havre to Salvador de Bahia. So here we are looking at Class40 and Multi50 classes.

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