How french sailing sets its course for the olympic mixed offshore in 2024

The organisers of the Transat AG2R La Mondiale 2020 announced last week that they will accept free registrations and run a separate classification for mixed gender duos. Their decision is yet another illustration of he growing number of initiatives which are coming together to create an early pathway for French duos who are looking to race in the Mixed Offshore division at the 2024 Paris Olympics. As the nation which really pushed for the discipline to be brought in to the Olympics it is understandable that French sailing is already making sure it can capitalise to best effect. Tip & Shaft takes a quick look around at how the organisations, classes, race organizers and the FFVoile are making early progress. 

World Sailing: It’s time to chose

From Friday to Sunday Chelsea Football Club in London hosts the World Sailing Mid-Year Meeting. One the main issues is the choice of Olympic equipment for the Paris 2024 Games, choices which naturally enough sees feelings and ideas erupting through the sport and within the International Federation. Tip & Shaft tries to see more clearly.