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The Diam 24 is a one-design trimaran. It is the official support of the World Diam Tour, as well as the Tour de France à la Voile. Find the Tip & Shaft investigations on the subject.

La dernière édition du Tour Voile a eu lieu en 2019

What future for the Tour Voile and the Diam 24 od class?

Last Wednesday the Amaury Sport Organization announced its decision to give up organising the  2021 Tour Voile in view  of the “current context”. What will be the consequences for the event itself, for the Diam 24 one design class for which the Tour was the flagship event?  At Tip & Shaft we got on the case……

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Les Figaro Bénéteau 3 n'ont toujours pas navigué en course en 2020

How the different classes are trying to adapt their program, part 2

After almost a month of lockdown, the different ocean racing divisions are spending a lot of time working with race organizers on the possible reprogramming of their 2020 or even their 2021 calendar, while at the same time trying to reassure their members, affected to varying degrees by this new turbulent economic crisis. Tip & Shaft goes round the houses, speaking to different key classes.

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Tour Voile: Beijaflore, objective fulfilled…What’s next?

When they won the 2019 Tour Voile last weekend in Nice, Team Beijaflore, who are led on the water by skipper Valentin Bellet and on shore by Pierre Mas, fulfilled the primary goal of the project which was set up in late 2016, to win the event within three years. Now, what is next for the team and for the company, more ambitious projects in terms of goals and budgets? Beijaflore also supported the Class40 of William Mathelin-Moreaux on the last Route du Rhum.

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Stevie Morrison: “Oman Sail and the Tour is a fantastic platform”

English double 49er Olympian Stevie Morrison is back as skipper on the Oman Sail’s Renaissance Services, starting his fourth Tour today in the Oman colours. Morrison loves the duration and intensity of the Tour and relishes this edition with a team which is just three strong – racing with Oman’s Abdul Rahman Al Mashari and French ace Quentin Ponroy (ex Lorina Limonade). This season Morrison has been coaching in the 49er class and has been coaching Franck Cammas’ Norauto team on the GC32 Tour.  With his keen perspective over so many aspects of the modern day, including his commentary work in the America’s Cup, Morrison caught a few minutes of Tip & Shaft before the Tour took off. 

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Tour Voile and the Diam 24 : better organised with a more cohesive race structure

Launched in 2015, the Diam 24 circuit starts its fifth season on Sunday with the Sailing Arabia The Tour. After that is the Tour Voile Series, the preparatory events which will lead into the Tour Voile, which of course is the pinnacle event of the season. Tip & Shaft tells you more about the class and the circuit that, step by step, gets more professional and better organised each year. 

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